To safeguard our Student Information Systems and Financial Systems, as well our internal network systems, the district is instituting better password security and management.

 All passwords will need to updated every 180 days. 

Beginning April 5, this includes eSchool, eFinance, iepPlus,Teacher Access and Cognos (NOT Employee Access or Home Access). If you use any of these Sungard (Pentamation) applications systems, the new password must meet the following criteria:

  • Passwords must be at least eight characters
  • Passwords must be changed every 180 days
  • Passwords must contain a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numeric and non-alphanumeric (punctuation, special characters or spaces)
  • Passwords may NOT contain a part of your username, or first name or last name
  • Passwords may NOT be the same as the last five passwords used

If your current password does not meet these requirements then you will be forced to change your password on April 5. We highly recommend that you take some time before the 5th to change your password so that it meets those requirements.

To change your password, click here.