McMinnville School District part of
state-wide initiative to help students
"Be College Ready"!

The McMinnville School District was one of original five districts across Oregon to pilot the Be College Ready outreach program. The program is designed to help families prepare for the financial realities of a post-secondary education and show them the advantages of opening an Oregon Savings Plan

Now the program is launching “My First Account” for all 2016-17 kindergarten students. Every family who applies will receive $25 to start an education fund for their kindergarten student.  (Families with existing accounts may also apply for a $25 contribution to their kindergartner’s account). Click here to apply.

Additionally, the program gives every family a chance to enter a drawing to win $529 to open a new Oregon College Savings Plan or to add to an existing one. One student from every elementary school in the district will be randomly drawn to receive the funds. Click here for more information and to enter.