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Teachers awarded funds for classroom enrichment projects

Each year, the The McMinnville Education Foundation (MEF) supports MSD teachers by offering grants that support additional learning opportunities both in and out the classroom. MEF awarded nearly $20,000 to 22 projects at all levels ranging from STEM activities to reading supports to field trips and more.

  • “Unlocking the Code for Older Struggling Readers,” Laurel Botes, Buel, $1,000.00 
  • “Hands on Programming with MakeyMakeys,” Jacob Sanders, Duniway, $989.66 
  • “Ukuleles for Newby Elementary,” Sarah Barr, Newby, $981.00 
  • “Willamette World Tour,” Elindsey Greene, Willamette, $1,000.00 
  • “Enhancing Mathematical Learning Through Board Games,” Erin Allison, Wascher, $482.52 
  • “The Night of the Notables,” Anna Mitchell, Patton, $989.77 
  • “Portland Center Stage- Student Matinee performances X2,” Dani Potter, MHS, $1,000.00
  • “Escape Room Classroom Kit,” Megan Sandmann, Duniway, $924.95 
  • “Print Shop for CTP Vocational Classroom,” Ivan Marble, MHS $952.18 
  • “Building Conceptual Understanding with Math Tools,” Laura Hyman, Buel, $398.95 
  • “Cadet Drumline,” Marc Dana, Duniway, $1,000.00 
  • “Willamette Elementary Courtyard Garden,” Megan Whitaker, Willamette, $982.07 
  • “Folklorico Showcase: A Dance of Identity,” Jennifer Moranchel, MHS, $1,000.00 
  • “Thriving in Healthy Relationships,” Cindy Stolp, MHS, $713.00 
  • “Libraries Develop Global Citizens,” Lori McGreal, MHS, $1,000.00 
  • “Play to Grow Language Games,” Liz Knapp, Multiple Schools, $644.35 
  • “NY Times digital subscription,” Danielle Ross, MHS, $982.80 
  • “Light It Up, Greenhouse in the Winter,” Michele Reschly, Patton, $916.58 
  • “Creating Opportunity,” Christine Garrison, MHS, $901.85 
  • “Mrs. Zeleny’s Musical Instruments,” Rachel Zeleny, Memorial, $855.33 
  • “Sensory Exploration for Early Learners: Fostering Development through Sensory Bins,” Emma Velazquez, Buel, $989.74 
  • “Learning by Playing with BRAINball™,” Angela Yochum Wascher $819.99