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About Our District

McMinnville School District was formed around 1876, the year that the district passed a levy to build a public school house. Today the district serves approximately 6,800 children in six elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school.

The district is responsible for providing an education to children living within its boundaries and for building, operating and maintaining school facilities; developing and maintaining approved education programs and courses of study, including academic and vocational programs, bilingual programs and programs for special needs children; and providing transportation and nutrition services to students in accordance with district, state and federal requirements.

Classroom McMinnville School District Classroom McMinnville School District

Yamhill County’s Largest School District

McMinnville School District #40 is Yamhill County’s largest school district. It serves residents in the City of McMinnville, the City of Lafayette and surrounding unincorporated areas of Yamhill County. The district boundary encompasses over 140 square miles of land with an estimated population of 40,134.

The district is a financially independent, special-purpose municipal corporation exercising financial accountability for all K-12 public education within its boundaries. Operations are supported primarily by state funds, local property taxes and federal grants.

Untitled McMinnville School District Untitled McMinnville School District

District Governance

The district is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors, elected to four-year terms by a majority of district voters. Terms are staggered, with elections held in odd-numbered years. The Board has oversight responsibility and control over all activities related to the district.

Under Oregon law, the district is subject to supervision by the state. The Oregon legislature created the State Board of Education in 1951 to oversee the state’s schools and community colleges. The board sets educational policies and standards for Oregon’s 197 public school districts, 17 community college districts, and 20 educational service districts. The Oregon State Board of Education is composed of seven members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate.

The administrative functions of the State Board of Education are handled through the Oregon Department of Education.

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