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SPED Programs

McMinnville School District Special Education Programs

LRC (Learning Resource Center) – For students who can fully participate in general education classes but simply need some additional assistance with more difficult concepts. Some students not in self-contained placements attend this regularly for part of the day, some never attend.

LRC II – A self-contained placement for students with significant cognitive deficits as well as students who exhibit lower-level behavioral issues in general education settings due to the  frustration experienced from these deficits.

Life Skills – A self-contained placement for physically fragile students and/or profoundly intellectually disabled students who require a great deal of intensive adult support.

Social Communications Skills (SCS) – A self-contained placement for elementary students who exhibit behaviors frequently associated with students on the autism spectrum. Students in this program are typically significantly delayed socially, behaviorally and academically, which makes it hard for them to succeed in general education classes until appropriate skills are learned.

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