USASkills Mcminnville School District USASkills Mcminnville School District

Three students qualify for National Championships

Congratulations to the 22 McMinnville High School students who participated in the Oregon SkillsUSA competition last weekend. SkillsUSA is a workforce development organization for students, helping them become skilled professionals, career-ready leaders and responsible community members. MHS Career Pathway teachers include Chip Ford, Fabrication; Krista Carpino, Culinary Arts;  Eric Alexander, Construction; Russ Ludwig, Criminal Justice; and  Taghrid Elmeligui, Computer Science.

In addition to competing in nine categories, MHS received the Chapter Excellence Award.

Five students won gold medals and four qualified for the National Championships in Atlanta from June 24 – 28.

Competitors and placing:

  • Culinary Arts

    • 1st place Silas Hall  (National Qualifier)
    • 2nd place Eva Johnson
    • 4th place Miya Martinez
    • 5th place  Noah Schwarer
    • 6th place Steven Cope 
    • Liliana Najar
  • Restaurant Services

    • 1st place Vivo Greninger  (National Qualifier)
  • Baking and Pastry Arts

    • 1st place Vivo Greninger  (National Qualifier)
    • 2nd place Sophia Potter
  • Cake Decorating Arts

    • 6th place Sophia Potter
  • Commercial Roofing

    • 1st place Seth Anderson  (National Qualifier)
    • 2nd place Kai Wyller
  • Safety Participation (state-level-only competition)

    • 1st place Konner Erickson
    • 2nd place Samuel Baughman
    • 3rd place Ivy Henderson
    • 4th place Darren Hopper
    • 5th place tie Micah Malmstrom
    • 5th place tie Logan Haisch
    • 6th place Xander Friedrich
  • Welding

    • FCAW – 3rd place Xander Friedrich
    • GTAW – 4th place Samuel Baughman
    • OAW – 4th place Seth Anderson
  • Welding Sculpture

    • 6th place – Lincoln Kennedy
    • Jordan Reed
  • Computer Science

    • Steven Borrayo 
    • Laura Crooks
    • Demetrio Elias Luna