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Negotiations to resume in the fall

The MSD Bargaining team extends its heartfelt gratitude for the dedication and effort shown by the McEA Bargaining Team and all MSD Educators throughout our contract negotiations. Both sides have worked tirelessly to develop a contract that truly honors your role as professional educators in the McMinnville School District.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of both teams, we were unable to finalize a contract for the 2024-25 school year during our session on June 4, which was our last scheduled session for this school year. I want to assure you, this is not the end of our discussions. The teams will reconvene and continue negotiations in September, aiming to reach a mutually beneficial agreement as quickly as possible in support of all MSD educators.

Click here to view the current bargaining summary which contains links to all proposals and recordings from the McEA/MSD Bargaining sessions. The recording from the most recent meeting can also be found below.