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Two teams also honored with top awards

Mac High’s two robotics teams, Ursa Mechanica and Chronobreak, won top honors at the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) qualifying tournament in Hillsboro this past weekend.  Both teams won a slot to compete at the FTC state championships on March 9 – 10, 2024.

Additionally, Mac High was awarded the prestigious INSPIRE award for engineering design, computer programming, community outreach, partnership with local STEM industry, and a well developed business plan. Ursa Mechanica won first place and Chronobreak took second. Ursa Mechanica was also named Alliance Captain and Chronobreak won the THINK award for design and data-driven development.

Ursa Mechanica includes Benjamin Weisz (programmer/captain), Ian Weyand (builder/captain), Colton Anderson (builder), Aiden Perpelitt (CAD/design), Joshua Phillips (builder), Jayson Teller (builder/CAD), Owen James (outreach/builder), and Saeed Valdiva (builder).

Chronobreak includes Chase Keevy (captain/builder/arm), Eli Cooper (captain/builder/arm), Aiden Price (builder/organization/intake), Col Tucholsky (programmer/intake), Holden Flyckt (programmer), Garrett Kuchta (builder/drone launch), Oliver Teller (builder/drone launch), Nathan Weyand (builder/portfolio/intake), and Wesley Hook (portfolio/support).

The teams are coached by MHS Engineering teacher Dave Clauson.