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  • How does the district decide when schools will be delayed or closed?

    When local forecasts predict inclement weather that could affect school operations, district staff and representatives from the bus company (First Student) drive out in the early hours to check the roads, particularly on the higher-elevation bus routes, as well as school parking lots.  

    We take into account the hourly weather forecast, including forecasts from different sources, and the current road conditions before making a decision to close or delay school. 

  • Sometimes the message says that buses are on snow routes. How do I know if my student’s bus is on a snow route and where the pick-up location will be?

    The list of snow routes is posted on the district and school websites (under the “Parents and Students” tab then the white transportation button). If your student is on a bus with a snow route, a ParentSquare alert will be sent to you when the bus is using a snow route.

  • Why don’t you just cancel school when the forecast predicts snow or freezing rain?

    The weather predictions often change quickly. Each family’s situation is different, and we know that many family members work out of town and don’t always have the option to stay home. Families can keep their children home if they can’t travel safely from their location, but sometimes it’s safer for students to be in school, and students can’t choose to go to school when it’s closed. 

    We try to make the best decision, even though we know there isn’t a decision that will work perfectly for everyone. We take very seriously the decision to close or delay school. 

  • What does a two-hour delay with a reassessment message mean?

    When severe weather begins early in the evening, we know we may need more time in the morning to assess the driving conditions, but we also know the forecast may have shifted by morning. We may not always need to close for the day, but we need to ensure our school parking lots and sidewalks are safe for student and staff arrival.  

    If we can’t ensure safe conditions, we will notify families as soon as possible about closing for the day.

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