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  • Vision

    • NOURISH students with healthy meal choices fueling their bodies to receive an excellent education.
    • INSPIRE students to develop lifelong healthy habits.
  • Mission

    The McMinnville School District Nutrition Department will create an atmosphere where each student feels empowered to make healthy meal choices by:

    • Creating an inclusive environment for each student
    • Connecting with the community
    • Providing excellent customer service
  • Belief

    • A hungry child cannot learn
    • We recognize the vital relationship between nutrition and education
    • Diversity enriches our School Nutrition program through the recognition of different cultural backgrounds
  • Priorities

    • CREATE a space welcoming for each student by having a well-rounded menu to engage students by being rigorous and culturally relevant.
    • CREATE an environment in which every student has equal access to nutritious food by strong leadership and staff.
    • NOURISH strong relationships with families, students and community to build trust, support and collective responsibility for nutritional meals being offered.
    • INSPIRE students to expand their palates by trying new things and making healthy choices.
    • SUCCEED in accomplishing our goals by aligning resources to support a balanced budget.
    • SUCCEED by long-term planning so that McMinnville Nutrition can continue to grow and thrive into the future. 
    • DELIVER high-quality customer service.
    • DELIVER a department that works together, values people, equity, honesty and integrity.
  • Additional

    • MSD Nutrition Department follows legislated rules governing what can be served to students – including calorie content, fat and sugar grams and serving size by age group. 
    • Our department is a strong advocate for education in the cafeteria, helping students learn healthy habits necessary for student success. 
    • Nutrition Services is bound by federal procurement policies and includes a focus on purchasing locally whenever possible and practical. Our commitment to local purchasing supports our community farmers and returns resources to the local economy.
  • Partners

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