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Event for K-8 families scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 28

(Spanish) Please join us for a fun evening for families from kindergarten through eighth grade to learn more about computer coding on Tuesday, Feb. 28 beginning at 6 p.m. 

The event will be held on the same night at both middle schools with families from Columbus, Memorial and Newby invited to Duniway and families from Buel, Grandhaven and Wascher invited to Patton.

Dinner and will be provided and Chromebooks will be available if families don’t want to use their own devices.

Families will work in pairs to participate in a live-stream event that mixes fun, computer games and learning for all levels of students. Middle school students, who may be already adept at coding, have a chance to show their family what they know about computer programming. They can have fun and share their knowledge with their family members!

Five reasons why your family should attend:

  • Computer Science is your child’s future

    Help make sure your children are ready for the digital future. Nearly every job and profession will involve coding and computer science. The learning is best started in the younger grades.

  • Family code night is fun!

    Family Code Night is a special kind of learning and fun with your child. You will collaborate on puzzles, trade the keyboard back and forth, share ideas, solve challenges, and laugh and have fun together.

  • Screen time happens. Make it good!

    Worried about too much screen time? Change it! Help your children create what’s on their screen, not just consume it. That’s the key to your child’s digital future, and just what you’ll start to learn together at Family Code Night.

  • In the early years, parents are magic!

    Your child’s educational years are a defining time — when parents say “you can do it,” children believe. So come join your child in this hour of learning. With your participation, your child will believe they can learn to code (and you will too!).

  • Parents will learn some coding too!

    Parents will learn six “Big Ideas” about computer science alongside their child. Families will also receive a free Code@Home Guide full of games and activities. It’s fun and easy, you’ll learn with your child, and model the very behavior you want to encourage.

Family Code Night is a partnership with the South Metro – Salem STEM Partnership and CS is Elementary