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Elementary families should watch for vision screening results

Elementary student vision screenings took place in district schools during December. These screenings take place annually and are supported by the McMinnville Lions Club. These routine vision screenings can help detect a number of different vision problems in children.

Early detection and treatment can make a big difference in a child’s life. Uncorrected vision problems can impact a child’s development, learning, quality of life and, in some cases, can lead to permanent vision loss or blindness.  

In the weeks to come, MSD elementary families will receive notice of student vision screening results.  A full vision exam is recommended for those who do not pass the vision screening, those who are unable to complete a screening, children who are developmentally delayed and those who have a predisposition to eye problems, such as family history of eye disease, some chronic illnesses, etc. 

The screenings can identify an issue that requires a full vision exam. A full exam looks at total eye health and treatment for the identified issue.  

Families that  need help accessing a full vision exam can reach out to their child’s school nurse for resource recommendations, and families that have vision concerns for middle school or high school students can call the school nurse to request an individual vision screening at their school.