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MSD Suicide Prevention (SB 52 "Adi's Act")

McMinnville School District is committed to the health and well-being of all students and understands that physical, behavioral, emotional, and mental health are integral components of student achievement. All staff are expected to be proactive in maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment and to immediately report to the building principal (or designee) any indications that a student may be in danger of harming himself/herself or others. Students are strongly encouraged to report if they, or another student, are feeling suicidal or in need of help. By having procedures in place to prevent, assess the risk of, intervene in, and respond to suicide they are not only complying with Senate Bill 52, but, more importantly, saving lives. The McMinnville School District:

  • Recognizes that physical and mental health are integral components of student outcomes, both educationally and beyond graduation.
  • Further recognizes that suicide is a leading cause of death among young people.
  • Has an ethical responsibility to take a proactive approach to prevent deaths by suicide.
  • Acknowledges the school’s role in providing an environment that is sensitive to individual and
  • societal factors that place youth at greater risk for suicide and helps to foster positive youth development and resilience.
  • Acknowledges that comprehensive suicide prevention policies include prevention, intervention, and postvention components.

This document recognizes and builds on the skills and resources inherent in our school district. Schools are exceptionally resilient and resourceful organizations whole staff members may be called upon to deal with crises on any given day. Schools can be a source of support and stability for students and community members when a crisis occurs in their community. This is meant to be paired with other policies supporting the overall emotional and behavioral health of students.

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