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The public may offer testimony when “Public Comment” is an item on the agenda.  Comments may be offered in person, by written correspondence or via Zoom.

  • In-Person Public Comment

    To speak at the Board meeting, please complete all of the requested information on an “Intent to Speak” card, which can be found on the counter in the back of the meeting room. Give the card to the Board Secretary at the head table before the meeting begins. Your testimony may be delayed until all of the information is provided.

  • Zoom Public Comment

    To speak via Zoom, please fill out this form before 3 p.m. on the day of the Board meeting. The Board chair will invite you to speak during the public comment section of the meeting.

    General guidelines for providing public comment:

    • Speak slowly and clearly into the microphone.
    • Begin by addressing the board as follows: “Chair Bizon, Vice-Chair Warmbier, Superintendent Brockett, and members of the Board.”
    • Direct your comments to the Board Chair.
    • State your name and relationship with the district (e.g., parent, staff, community member).
    • If you’ve also submitted written comments or are using research articles, it is best to summarize instead of reading word for word.
    • Comments shall relate to items on the agenda or other matters related to district business.
    • Refrain from using names of specific staff or community members in public comments.
    • Undue interruption or interference with the orderly conduct of Board business cannot be allowed.
    • Keep track of the time. The light will turn yellow when you have one minute remaining and red after your three-minutes public comment time ends.
    • Conclude by thanking the Board.
  • Other things to know about public comment

    • Three (3) minutes, maximum, will be allotted to each person. 
    • If a group of people plans to speak on the same topic, one card can be submitted and a total of five (5) minutes will be allotted to the group.
    • The total amount of time allowed for public testimony is thirty minutes.
    • Please note that the Board’s role in the public comment section is to listen, not engage in dialogue or discussion with the speaker(s).The Board Chair may refer questions or requests for action to staff for response at a later date.
    • When you provide public comment, your name, address and comments are matters of public record; however, students and staff do not need to provide their addresses.
    • If you read from a prepared statement, you may choose to leave your written comments with the Board Secretary to post online with the informational packet of the meeting and to file with the official minutes of the meeting. 
    • Handouts are not required but you may bring 10 copies and give them to the Board Secretary to distribute to the Board.
    • Speakers may offer objective criticism of District operations and programs but the Board will not hear complaints concerning individual District personnel.
    • Complaints will be handled following the steps outlined in Board Policy KL and Administrative Regulation KL-AR.
    • Complaints regarding budget, programs, or other District issues also should be handled by first following the steps outlined in policy KL.
    • Keep your comments within the specified time allotted to allow time for others. Please be respectful of those who wish to provide comments after you.
    • Defamatory or abusive remarks are always out of order.
    • The Board Chair may terminate a speaker’s privilege of address if, after being called to order, the speaker persists in improper conduct or remarks.
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