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Letters and other written materials may be submitted via U.S. mail to: McMinnville School Board, 800 NE Lafayette Avenue, McMinnville, OR  97128.

Emails may be sent to: MSDSchoolBoard@msd.k12.or.us and will reach all Board members as a group. Others who also will receive emails sent to this address: Superintendent and Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Board of Directors (also known as the Board Secretary).

The Board Chair responds to emails sent to the full Board. School Board members only deliberate when gathered as a quorum as outlined in the Public Meeting Law. To assure that Board conversations and deliberations do not occur on email, the Board Chair will respond on behalf of the Board. All Board members receive communications that come from the community and the response given by the Board Chair. Following the communication from the Board Chair, other Board members may also respond.

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