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Alternative Education

Office of the Superintendent
McMinnville School District
August 2023

District Information for Parents and Students Regarding the Availability of Alternative Education

(1) The following definitions apply to this rule:

“Erratic attendance” means the student is frequently absent to the degree that he/she is not
benefiting from the educational program;

“Notification” means written notice, by personal service or certified mail, to the parent or
guardian and student as required by ORS 339.250(6)

(2) District school boards shall adopt policies and procedures for notification to students and
parents, or guardians of the availability of appropriate and accessible alternative programs.

This notification shall be provided in the following situations:

Upon the occurrence of a second or any subsequent occurrence of a severe disciplinary
problem within a three-year period;

When the district finds a student’s attendance pattern to be so erratic that the student is not
benefiting from the educational program;

When the district is considering expulsion as a disciplinary alternative;

When a student is expelled pursuant to subsection (3) of ORS 339.250; and

When an emancipated minor, parent or legal guardian applies for a student’s exemption from
compulsory attendance on a semiannual basis as provided in ORS 339.030(5)

District-funded alternative education is in accordance to District Policy IGBHA. This notice is in
compliance with OAR 581-021-0071.

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