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Complaint Process

Office of the Superintendent
McMinnville School District
August 2023

Inquiries, comments or complaints from residents of the School District or from other individuals
who have business with the District shall be dealt with in accordance with the following

1. Inquiries, comments or complaints shall be first heard by the proper authorities (i.e.
school principals, supervisors, HR Director etc.) and/or the Superintendent.

2. The Superintendent may then refer the matter to the Board, or the individual may petition
the Board for a hearing.

3. When a complaint is brought to the attention of an individual Board member, the Board
member shall request that the complainant discuss the problem with the proper school
authorities and/or the Superintendent following the procedure outlined above.

4. The Board member shall advise the complainant of his/her right to request a hearing
from the Board if the complainant remains dissatisfied after discussing the matter with
the proper authorities and the Superintendent after following the regulations governing
complaint procedures.

A process for prompt resolution of any formal complaint presented to a district administrator,
supervisor, or Board member shall include:

• Complaints alleging discrimination or harassment
• Complaints alleging a violation of state elementary and secondary school standards
• Complaints about administrative policies, decisions, or practices
• Complaints about curriculum content or materials
• Complaints about school personnel
• Complaints about retaliation against a student or student’s parents who in good faith reported information that the student believes is in violation of state and federal law, rule or regulation
• Other types of complaints

If unable to resolve a complaint at the informal level, a Complaint Form may be obtained from
any school office or the office of the Superintendent. The completed form should be submitted
to the appropriate administrator as indicated:

• Administrative policy, decision or practice: Superintendent
• Americans with Disabilities Act: Director of Human Resources
• Curriculum content and materials: Director of Curriculum
• Equal educational opportunity: Director of Student Services or Director of Curriculum
• Equal Employment opportunity: Director of Human Resources
• School personnel: Employee’s immediate supervisor
• Section 504 of the Rehab Act: Director of Curriculum
• State elementary or secondary standards: Superintendent
• Title VI of Civil Rights Act of 1964: Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
• Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964: Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
• Title IX of Education Amendments, 1972: Director of Human Resources

Policy KL, KL-AR and KL-F Complaint Process can be found under the District Policies Section.

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