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Schools closed on Wednesday, Nov. 24

In recognition of the hard work of McMinnville School District students and staff, Superintendent Brockett and the School Board have extended the upcoming Thanksgiving Break by one day to allow a “Care & Connection” day.

Schools will be closed on Wednesday, Nov. 24.

MSD, like other districts and industries, has been impacted by a nationwide labor shortage. Our shortages have been mitigated by our committed staff who have risen to the challenge to keep our schools open.

Shortages of substitute teachers and classified substitutes means current staff is filling in for absent colleagues and open positions. Principals are serving as teachers in classrooms. Teachers are sacrificing their much needed planning time. Instructional assistants are taking on larger workloads. Custodial crews and other support personnel are working double shifts.

This calendar change is one less instructional day in favor of a wellness time for both students and staff.

“We hope the additional day for Thanksgiving break will allow families to recharge and come back to school to a rested staff,” said Superintendent Brockett.

“We will get through this time together. I sincerely thank our families and staff for your continued support of our students.”