WHEREAS public school volunteers contribute unselfishly to the success of Oregon’s students, teaching and support staff and the goals of American public education;

WHEREAS school volunteers ensure that every student gets help and encouragement according to need;

WHEREAS school volunteers support students and teachers inside and beyond the classroom in myriad ways regardless of the hour and without monetary gain;

WHEREAS school volunteers act dependably, creatively and collaboratively to accomplish whatever tasks they are assigned or commit themselves to;

WHEREAS school volunteers stretch school-district resources to ensure that all students achieve a complete and well-rounded education;

WHEREAS, school volunteer exhibit care, model the best in citizenship and create a climate that fosters learning and a love of education;

We declare our everlasting appreciation to public-school volunteers of the McMinnville School District, who, regardless of situation, age, race, or creed, step forward to help, thus widening horizons for others as well as themselves.

THEREFORE, the School Board of McMinnville School District proclaims April 19 to 23, 2021 School Volunteer Recognition Week, and we urge all citizens to join us in recognizing the dedication and hard work of local volunteers in preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world.

April 19, 2021