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“Heroes in Action” prevented a tragedy

McMinnville Fire District Chief Reed Godfrey, along with several of his first responder staff, attended the May 13, 2024 Business Meeting of the MSD School Board to recognize three high school staff members with a “Heroes in Action” Award.

Coach Jen Gubrud, coach Jessica Gordon and athletic trainer Kelsey LaMont responded with life-saving measures when a student collapsed from cardiac arrest on February 26, 2024, the first day of track practice. Following the emergency action plan, the trio started CPR, called 911 and employed an AED.

Chief Godfrey noted that it took seven minutes from when the 911 call came in for first responders to arrive at the high school track. He said for every minute that CPR or an AED isn’t used after cardiac arrest, the chance of survival lowers by 10 percent, and that only 10 percent of people who suffer cardiac arrest outside of a hospital survive.

The chief praised the quick thinking and courage of the staff and presented them with “Citizen Life Saving” certificates.